October 5, 2010

Is Chay a little tentative?

I was unable to watch the exhibition game due to work, but I had some friends fill me in on how it went. I was particularly interested in Chay and how he would play in his first game back. One guy told me that he played "ok". Another told me he was tentative going into the corners. This is what I was more wondering, and am not really surprised.

We all remember how Geoff Paukovich broke Robbie Bina's neck in the 2005 Final Five. Paukovich was never quite the same player after that. He was always an aggressive player that wasn't afraid to throw his weight around in the corners. Since that incident, he has become a lot more tentative, holding up when making a hit. I don't think that's always a bad thing, but the bottom line is, Pauk is no longer the same player he once was.

Chay is probably the best player in college hockey. Even with him being a little more meek, I don't think we can take that away from him. I still anticipate him being able to go into the corners, mix it up, come out with the puck, and make the play. I just think it'll take a little time.


Stone said...

No I don't think Chay was tentative at all to be completely honest with you and I was there. I was specifically looking for this too.

I remember one instant very vividly in the second period in where he went into the corner, took a good bump in which his head slammed into the boards and he continued to battle the puck away from the MU player. He did look a bit rusty but that's expected from being out for 10 plus months without seeing real game action.

On the power play he looked good, unleashing a couple patented bombs from the point.

5 on 5, he made a couple of errant passes but was fast fast fast all game long.

All things considered, rusty--yes, tentative--absolutely no way

Brandon said...

thanks for filling me in, Stone. I'm glad to hear it. As I said, I don't think it should affect his play this season.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get to watch the entire game but from what I did see I'd have to agree with Stone. Chay looked a bit rusty as is/was expected. But then again so did the team. Play didn't start out crisp and was a bit rough around the edges. In the teams defense they got better through the game.

We saw some glimpses of Chay's speed and his ability to move the puck. Just not consistently. I don't recall thinking Chay was tentative about the corners either. I don't think he played poorly.

My overall consensus was there were places for the whole team including Chay to improve and clean up but no glaring problems.

I'd expect this weekend to help Chay get back to game speed. I'd be surprised if it even takes the whole weekend.

On a side note. I was very impressed with Derek Forbort. It was only an exhibition game but I thought he looked very fluid and dynamic. From my first impression I'd say he will get a lot more playing time than I expected. Rare for a freshman D-man.

sweno said...

Sioux looked good, better than i have remembered from past Manitoba games. Chay looked a little rusty, but not at all tentative, could be a scary good year, wish Kristo hadnt gotten himself suspended for that game. Gonna be a tough first month of the season though.