October 30, 2010

A solid win

Very proud of the Sioux last night. They did exactly what they needed to do: beat a decent Denver team. The scoring was spread around; Dillon Simpson netted his first collegiate goal, Mike Cichy got his first of the season, and Corban Knight scored two. The Sioux limited Denver's chances; basically any decent chance Denver got, they capitalized on. Gregoire was buzzing all over the ice last night, as was Hextall. The Sioux stayed out of the box; in fact, there were no penalties in the first period at all. Both teams played a decent hockey game. The term I use for a game like last night is "smart".

What is still frustrating for me as a Sioux fan is the lapses in defense and the spotty goaltending. Dell didn't exactly establish himself as the clear starter last night. I'm confident Eidsness will get the start tonight and a shutout or a 1 goal performance will cement him in place. But this weak goaltending cannot continue. The Sioux cannot have that later in the season.

Here's the Sioux goals from last night.

In other news around the WCHA...

- Bemidji fell to Duluth in overtime, 3-2. Is it just me or does Duluth shine in extra hockey?
- Mankato beat UAA 3-2 in Anchorage.
- Minnesota beat CC 4-1 in the Springs. I'll be attending the game tonight and taunting tDon
- 'Sconni scored 3 in the 3rd period to beat Tech 5-2 and bring them back down to earth a bit.
- St. Cloud fell to Quinnipiac 4-2. The Bobcats scored 3 in the 3rd.

And around college hockey...

- BU fell Mass-Lowell 5-1. Parker's squad looking surprisingly strong this year
- BC raised their championship banner and followed it up with a win, 3-2 over Merrimack
- Alaska beat Bowling Green 4-1
- Northern Michigan beat tOSU 2-1 in Marquette
- Michigan and Ferris skated to a 2-2 tie. Michigan has yet to establish itself as the powerhouse we thought it would be this year
- Sparty and Alabama-Huntsville sister-kissed at 4 apiece

Looking for a more physical game tonight out of DU. the question is, will the Sioux still play a smart game?


Anonymous said...


So you're coming to the CC game tonight? Awesome!!! If I print out a picture of you and those gangsta sunglasses will you autograph it for me???

I'll be in Section 117 Row G seat 14 (just above the tunnel)...

Anonymous said...

I wish people would realize that Brad Eidsness is a mediocre goalie at best and will never be the shut down goalie some seem to think he is. And Dell has been just a better tender all around this season. If I was Hak I would go get a new goalie at the half way point of the season.

Brandon said...

anon - I'll be there somewhere

other anon - I've never been the biggest Eidsness supporter, and have always wanted him to step up his game and be the clear cut shutdown goalie. I think he's very capable of doing the job, but in the last 3 years, he is still not the goalie they need to have come postseason time. I was hoping he would develop into that this year...not happening, it seems

Steve said...

I am so sick of PatS weeny's voice, why can't we have a man do the color for our games. Everytime UND scores Pat squeaks the word goal, give me a Paul Allen SCCOOOOOOOOORRRRRRE with a growl for the love of GOD!!