October 9, 2010

What to say?

Coughing up a lead when you're up 5-1 is not easy. Doing it against the woeful Seawolves makes it that much worse.

How could the Sioux, who were dominating and scoring at will suddenly be completely inept at stopping UAA's weak offense and give up 4 goals to bring it to a 5-5 tie? I have a few ideas.

- It's early! Relax! Oh em gee. We all know that championships aren't won in October. This team has a ridiculous amount of time to gel, and they will gel. The first game is not an indication of how the season will go.
- The Sioux were too confident. They had just proved that they were an offensive force to reckon with, so why not sit back and relax? Because it's the WCHA. You cannot sit on any team in this league. The Seawolves are not going to lie down this year. No team will.
- Putting too much pressure on themselves. The Sioux are expected to perform. Not only perform, but blow out certain opponents. Up 5-1, no biggie. But give up that crucial 5-2 goal and it all starts to unravel.

I am not concerned about this. Not in the slightest. But I certainly look for the team to rebound tonight against UAF.

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Anonymous said...

And respond they did.Didn't get to see the game but it sounded like pure domination an the Siouxs part.