January 1, 2009

Can the ship be righted?

Honestly, I don't know if it can. I've been discussing with a few of my friends and fellow Sioux fans how the Sioux can still possibly make the NCAA's this year. Over the last few years, the team has had a 2nd half surge that generally propels them into the tournament hot. But as I have alluded to ALL YEAR, how can you count on that year after year? I remember in the 2006-2007 season listening to my best friend Jess Myers and how the Sioux were done. This was late February. He said the Sioux had no chance to do anything. Obviously they proved Mr. Fighting Sioux doubter wrong. But this year, the mountain is a lot steeper.

What I have basically determined through logic, knowledge, and a little bit of guessing....for the Sioux to make the NCAA's this year, they have to be nearly perfect. 1-2 more losses is all that will be acceptable. Not only that, but they will either have to finish runner-up or win the WCHA Final Five. Not going to be an easy task considering who will be there this year. If the Sioux do everything right, they will make the NCAA's. But if there are any hiccups, we will be saying "wait till next year."

A good place to start would be sweeping Bemidji this weekend. As I am working all weekend, I can't watch the games but will be getting updates from various people. Get it done this weekend, boys.

Happy 2009 people. :-)

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Goon said...

Have Faith Brandon. :)