January 29, 2009

Some bold predictions

Since my blog is not just a Sioux blog but a WCHA blog as well, I am going to jot down a few thoughts on some upcoming series for this weekend. These are predictions for the rest of the year based on this weekend:

- If there is a sweep in the UMD/WI series this weekend, whoever sweeps will not only make the WCHA Final Five, but will go on to the NCAA tourney
- If UND sweeps Cloudy, they are well on their way to the NCAA tourney. If not, they will probably be watching it this year
- Minnesota has the chance to prove it belongs at the top. If they sweep, they will take 1st or 2nd in the WCHA this year
- if UAA takes a point or more from Denver, they will finish the year in 8th place or greater

There are a ton of ifs in those statements, but I think that they can all ring true.


Goon said...

Brandon I hope you didn't jinx the team :)

siouxweet said...

The Sioux need at least a split this weekend to keep their NCAA tourney hopes moving in the right direction. A loss won't kill them at this point. you make it sound like they can't lose another this season to make the tournament. which isn't the case.

Hoogsteen said...

It was just a "I have a feeling" comment, not a numbers and graphs one. At least that's the way I understood them. Interesting theories, though. :)

Brandon said...

I probably did jinx them. :) And as for the talk of the Sioux not making the tourney if they split or get swept, I do think the Sioux are in trouble. I mean, they have dug themselves a deep deep hole. And the pairwise will not do them any favors. No WCHA teams get any special favors when it comes to the NCAA tourney.