January 21, 2009

Wednesday...and a huge series looming

To my Sioux fans, I don't think I need to point out how much importance this series has. But since I have nothing better to do, I'll say what needs to be said. Denver is at the top of the WCHA with 23 points. UND is tied for 4th with 20 points. In between, Wisconsin has 22 points and Minnesota has 21 points, and both teams are idle. If UND can sweep DU, they would be atop the WCHA. A win and a tie puts them in 2nd place. And a split, well, tie for 2nd place. Basically a split or better this weekend and the Sioux are in good shape.

We all know Denver is on a hot streak, but so is UND. This weekend has so much implication for both teams that I am expecting an even bigger one than the Gopher weekend two weeks ago. The only question is, who comes out on top?

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Michael said...

Where are Sioux fans gathering to watch this series? I heard Jacksons was crazy for the Gopher series.