January 18, 2009

Happy with the Results

Last night, watching the first period, I was not impressed with my Sioux. I wasn't exactly impressed with the Huskies either, but at the same time, this is a bad team. Not the Sioux, but the Huskies. And the Sioux weren't exactly showing me that they were ready to destroy this mediocre team that is dragging the sludge along with them at the bottom of the WCHA standings.

In any event, as I continued to watch the game, I noticed something. As a hockey player, I can see things in the game that few others can. When I was a season ticket holder at the Ralph, I would sit there quietly watching the game. I cheered when good plays were made, but I would sit and watch the minute details of each play. Dissect everything. And this is what I did last night. The Sioux were almost toying with the Huskies. The way they were dancing around on the ice, the passes they were making, it was playful. I don't notice this type of play often with the Sioux, but every now and then the players simply decide to do their thing on the ice.

After the 2nd goal, a nice shot by Marto, which came on the powerplay with less than a minute left, I knew the Sioux team was done messing around. They came out in the third period and just dominated play. The Huskies idea of a forecheck was dumping it in and sending one guy. Their idea of neutral zone coverage involved a few different people trying to find a guy to cover. The Sioux just pressed on, peppering Nolan with shots and eventually putting the game out of reach.

3/4 points on the weekend? I'll take it. It's not ideal, but acceptable.


AussieSiouxFan said...

The Sioux played very well on Saturday, the huskies could not get the puck over the red line with controll all weekend, showing the Sioux were forchecking well and with intensity. The Sioux did dominate, although it took time to get rolling, they got there eventually, which is hard to do on the road. And 3/4 points is great! a split on the road is generally the benchmark, no matter who or where, and the Sioux did 1 better this weekend. GOOD JOB SIOUX!!!

Brandon said...

yeah, they played probably the best defensive game I have seen them play all year.