January 27, 2009

Getting sick of a lot of this

A few things have come to light rececently which is inspiring me to write this post.

As majority of you know, I am not a fan of fighting or chippiness in hockey. I understand that emotions run high; I played the game nearly my entire life. And I'm not going to say that I wasn't a clean player 100% of the time, but I generally stayed out of the box and didn't get in a lot of trouble. This is how I like my hockey. And a few incidents of late are getting me fired up and angry.

I was alerted to something out of Michigan State this morning. The article can be found here, but Conboy and Tropp of Michigan State have been suspended for the rest of the year by their coach. I admire the hell out of Rick Comley for doing this, but am still angry at both Conboy and Tropp for what they did.

Here's a video of the hit. Thanks to Goon for this.

I also think back to the Sioux/DU series over the past weekend. How not only the DU players lost control on Friday night, but their coach lost control Saturday night. As far as I'm concerned, there is no excuse for this type of behavior in hockey, at any level.

Watch the video. You will see a DU player clearly elbow Hextall. Then the jawing starts, both ways.

Finally, watch this brawl of two minor league hockey teams.

This to me, is disgusting. I know a lot of casual hockey fans are all about the fighting and that's it, but to me, fighting has very little, if any, place in hockey.


siouxgreener said...

i'm a fan of sioux hockey and all but i was just wondering if you could tell me how the DU guy fell before he got up and tried to spear vandy?

Archie said...

Slew Foot by VV

Goon said...

Archie, do you think the Ref blew the call for not calling VV for the Slew foot and Testdweeb for the Spearing penalties?

ItalianSioux said...

By saying that you were not always the cleanest player did you mean the time you fought a girl in intramurals? :) I'll never forget that. Hope to see you in town for the final five.

Goon said...


Hey Brandon these clowns are back at it again.

Goon said...

Can we say that Brandon is a goon?