January 23, 2009

A lot of thoughts

Is it honestly possible to say the Sioux will have a 5th straight 2nd half run under Hakstol?

I am starting to wonder...

In any event, the Sioux dominated the Pioneers of Denver tonight, winning 8-3 in front of a sold out Engelstad arena. 8 different players scored for the Sioux. I'd have to do some research to find out the last time that has happened in any level of hockey. I'll talk more about the game tomorrow night, but I want to touch on a big point.

Quite frankly, the style of play I saw out of DU tonight was disgusting. I'm a huge fan of the European style of hockey. Finesse. Skills. Teamwork. None of this cheap ass shit that DU was pulling. I can truly say that all the scrums started tonight, sans one, were caused by DU players taking cheap shots after the whistle and whatnot. I think the DU fans should be ashamed of themselves for cheering for a goon team, George Gwozdecky should be ashamed for not disciplining his players more, and the players themselves should be ashamed. Seriously, you're losing. Take it like men. Try again tomorrow night.

Overall, a great effort by my Sioux tonight.


Anonymous said...

DU has been like this for the last 10 years. They run away from this type of stuff when they are winning the game. When they start losing, it is just a matter of time before the chippy stuff happens.

A complete lack of discipline on that team, and (in my opinion) a perfect reflection of their head coach.

BrettB in STL said...

I knew the goon's were going to come out, I mean look at their coach, he's a head case half the game.

Pretty smart move by Sioux Staff to leave the Ragin Cajin off the ice, as he'll be inserted into the lineup, and I hope I see a rage black out when the Sioux are up 8-1.

ps Can HBO mic up Hextall tonight, because the stuff he's going to come up with will be legendary.

Goof's World said...

you cheer for Brett Hextall, but think that chippiness is garbage? Haha...